Look Inside Book 2!

3 thoughts on “Look Inside Book 2!

  1. Quite impressive. Hope people get a chance to experience the joy of reading the books with their kids, grandkids, friends and coworkers. Well done! Although they are for kids, grownups will enjoy the colorful illustrations and the inside track of the world of trucking! Great job Colleen, and Grandpa Paul!

  2. Hi Paul,
    Back in “68” Manny and I worked in the sales dept. @ Colony Ford where you had your Ford W-series serviced. Since then Manny has passed on about ten years now. I still work there doing wholesale business etc. Would love to get together for a coffee and a couple of stories. Please email me or call.
    Bob Angilly

    • Hey Bob–I’ve taken down the numbers you gave me but removed them from the site. I will get in touch…It’d be nice to share stories of the good old days.

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