Book Reviews

“I recently gifted a couple co-workers with this book- some with babies aged 2, and others with kids of 7. So far, they’re all loving the content of the book, especially the little boys who are “truck obsessed.” I saw on your website a girl-centric story is coming out soon so I’ll be on the lookout for that one too! I, myself, enjoy the beautiful art of this book. “ ~ Amanda

“I bought two of these books to give away as gifts. The illustrations are beautiful and the stories will capture a child’s imagination. As a retired reading specialist I am impressed with the vocabulary used and the way each story is introduced with a lesson to be learned. It is a book that can be read a multiple of times and for different purposes. In addition to enjoying Grandpa’s tales, one is given the opportunity to learn about our states. This book can be used to teach a geography lesson. I highly recommend this book!” ~ Barbara T.

“I bought this book for my 2 year old son. His attention span is not always the best. With this book he sat and listened to the entire story, and then asked me to read it again! While he might be too young to understand the message, he loved the illustration and was able to follow what was happening. This book is a hit in our home! We are looking forward to more in the series. I’m sure my son will enjoy them for many years.” ~ Michelle

“Colleen Mellor’s stories about the trucker grandpa will hit a note with all little boys (and girls) who love trucks. My sons played with them incessantly, and so does my grandson. (And I have to admit fascination with getting paid to see the countryside from the vantage point of the cab.) Not only is the prose appropriate for youngsters, the pictures will capture their imaginations, and teach some valuable lessons along the way. As a former teacher, I love the questions at the end of each story that will help parents and teachers help kids focus on the plot and meaning, not just the words and illustrations. I can hardly wait til the next book comes out so I can give them to twin 5-year olds for their upcoming birthdays.” ~ Michel G.

“This is the first review I’ve ever written about a book, I hope I can do it some justice! I purchased a few copies and gave one to a friend who happens to be the director of a local college’s preschool/daycare. She was so impressed with the book and the stories that she is working on getting approval from the college to purchase several copies of the book. I hope to be able to do a follow up on this review with the good news. She and I both agree that this book not only contains some great stories, there are some great teaching/learning tools included as well. I can’t wait for the rest of the books!!” ~ David G.

“My three boys love the stories. They’re fascinated by the truck, the on-the-road drama, and Grandpa. They can tell it’s real — such better storytelling than most of the stuff out there. We’ll be buying more for their friends!” ~ Kerry