“Grandpa and the Truck” Books

Book 1

“It’s Not Always Wise to Follow the Leader” 

Cars blindly follow a ‘smokie’ (policeman) in the fog of a California mountain highway and pay the price..Set in northern California, on Rt. 101, this trucker learns why it’s always better to use independent thought…Nothing scary for little ones, but a pile-up, nonetheless. Good lesson for life..

“Ralph and the Bloodhounds”

Grandpa’s trucking partner Ralph goes up a hillside, at night, and comes back with a lot more than he bargained for…

This story is set in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, the region of Natural Bridge, with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. Beautiful scenery and a spooky lesson combine to give children a positive message of where they should–and shouldn’t–go.

These truckers found out the hard way…


Book 2

“Grandpa Meets the Hurricane”

Grandpa (as young trucker) faces full-on, the fury of Hurricane Camille, in Biloxi, Mississippi, in August of 1969.  This one rattled the town so much that it blew houses off their foundations and rooftops clear out to sea (no surprise, since the winds clocked in at sustained 190 mph.) The Grandpa and the Truck stories are a perfect vehicle for little ones to learn about our great land, its regional differences, and its wonderfully-diverse people. Grandpa saw it all as long-haul trucker traveling every state (except one) over his 30 years.  And when your little one has the series, he or she will know exactly what state he never made it to, along with other valuable information. To the side is a cute pic from Story 1, “Grandpa Meets the Hurricane.”


“Girl Truckers”

Twin daughters of veteran trucker, “Leatherneck” O’Day turn the trucker world on its ear, as they show the boys that “Girls can be truckers…really good ones at that.” Mollie and Millie became two of the industry’s top cross-country household goods (furniture) carriers, proving that people should never choose careers based on whether they’re boys or girls. People should be free to follow the careers that interest them.




One thought on ““Grandpa and the Truck” Books

  1. So-o glad to hear that, Jess. People who know Paul are amazed that the illustrations of him in the book are exactly what he looks like…tall, slim, blue-eyed hunk, a perfect role model for the trucker of this series. The fact he’s a really good person adds to the package. He was not just any trucker, either, for as I will say in a future post, he was named to a most illustrious group in trucking for his skill with the big rigs.

    Now, Jess, since Mom will need help ordering, please do stand by to walk her through the steps, and if the books is ordered thru Grandpa and the Truck site, we can autograph it…Happy she and you both like.

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