Why Are Grandpa and the Truck Books Great Gifts? (6 Reasons)


Grandpa and the Truck Books Are “Made in America” (that’s important to us.)

It’s Small Business Saturday and since Grandpa and the Truck’s a small business, I can unabashedly sell my products across the airwaves, without appearing ‘tacky’ on this day following Black Friday.

Unlike Black Friday, I won’t be killing you with constant reminders, extensions, etc. There won’t be other forms of killing, either…no pushing and pulling of hair…no stray bullets flying (it happens every year at those store events.)

So, here it is:  My one-time, official Small Business Saturday business ad as to why folks should want to buy the Grandpa and the Truck books:

1.  They make great gifts for Christmas, Hannukkah, birthdays (keep a stash for that inevitable gift for a little one you need in future.)

2.  Our books are “For Boys and Girls.”  We made them that way.  They’re colorful, with beautiful illustrations.

3.  If you buy the series (we’ve got two books available now,) your little ones learn geography:  The truck goes through a different state in each story; and because of that, children learn regional differences of our great land.  Book 1’s set in northern California, on a fog-bound highway, and in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia; Book 2’s action takes place in Biloxi, Mississippi (where a Cat. 5 hurricane hits) and in little Rhode Island, birthplace of two phenomenal women truckers.

Book 3 (in creation stage, available after January) sees our trucker traveling through farmlands of central New York (not NYC, the place most children associate with “New York”) as he revisits the Woodstock Music Festival. In that same book, he’ll go on a hair-raising ride through coal-mining territory in West Virginia.

To this point, Books 1 and 2 are available (more info on each if you click “Books” on our top banner.)

For these reasons, we call Grandpa and the Truck “a Mobile Geography Lesson.”

4.  Along with geography, we teach a whole lot more, as each story comes with Lesson as focus, Question page, Trucker Terms page (fun!) Maps.

5.  We’re endorsed by OOIDA (major international trucking association) and Women in Trucking (WIT), so industry leaders know we’re true to the trade and speak “Trucker truths.”

6.  Finally, too…we’re “Made in America,” important to us because we highlight what truckers do.  We didn’t outsource to a country who could make our books even less expensive than our current $9.99 for two beautifully-illustrated stories, with all the other ‘stuff” mentioned above.. We’ll only ever use American products and American shippers…

So, when you buy Grandpa and the Truck books, you’re “Buying American.”  That’s important to us, as we lend our  efforts to rebuild our great country.