Note to Truckers

Why you’ll especially like the “Grandpa and the Truck” stories: Your families will finally know what you do every day to put food on the table and buy their Notebooks, IPads, and cell phones.

Trucker Paul Wesley Gates’s stories are yours, too. They’re shared by truckers everywhere…

You’ve not gotten the attention you should until now. Face it, little kids have always been our fan base. They get excited whenever they see us on the highway… or in their neighborhoods. Now, we’re going to invite them up, into the big rig, for a ride across America.
So, stories from a real life trucker criss-crossing the country in his big rig, for an audience of kids 4-8? It doesn’t get any better than this.

***If you feel the same, get the word out on your CB’s, Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail that a career professional is sending up a salute to all who drive the big rigs…

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(10-4, good buddy…….)

4 thoughts on “Note to Truckers

    • Yes, speaking of “going,” we’ll be doing that soon as we head up to RI from NC…What’ll we be doing along the way? I’ll be telling you all about it on the Grandpa and Truck Facebook page….

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