Book 2



“Girl Truckers”

Twin daughters of veteran trucker, Leatherneck O’Day, turn the trucker world on its ear, as they show the boys that “Girls can be truckers…really good ones at that.” This story is set in little Rhode Island (though it just as well could have been anywhere,) and the girls are real forerunners of today’s women in the industry. Its lesson is:  That people should choose careers based on their interests and abilities–not on whether they’re boys or girls.


“Grandpa Meets the Hurricane”

Grandpa (as young trucker) faces full-on, the fury of a hurricane in Biloxi, Mississippi. This event demonstrates the extraordinary power of Nature. As an aside, this event really happened; this hurricane was the first one named for a person; it was a Category 5 (recent hurricane that struck terror and havoc in the northeast, was Category 1, Sandy.)

No one knows Nature’s power better than truckers who must adapt to weather conditions all the time.

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