Book 1


“It’s Not Always Wise to Follow the Leader”

Cars blindly follow a ‘smokie’ (policeman) in the fog of a California mountain highway and pay the price…Based on a true story when Grandpa as young trucker saw a pileup on Rt. 101, northern California.  Teaches the wisdom of using independent thought and the folly of blindly following another. An important lesson for life.


“Ralph and the Bloodhounds”

Grandpa’s trucking partner Ralph goes up a hillside, at night, and comes back with a lot more than he bargained for…

This story is set in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, the region of Natural Bridge, with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.  Beautiful scenery and a spooky lesson combine to give children a positive message of where they can–and can’t–go.

These truckers found out the hard way…