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Grandpa and the Truck Rap…..

 boysThree little kids (2 boys…one girl), with crazy hats?, colorful sunglasses (on one?), leaning against trees in their backyard, or on a playground, rap to following: They ham it up, putting on “surprise” face (“was surprised”) or make steering motions for line “That he manned the big rigs.” Imagine their other effects, too, as they rap to the following…..


Asked Grampy what he did

For his money-earning  gig

Was surprised when he told us

That he manned the big rigs.


In his truck, “Proud Mary”

Sitting high on his seat,

Went to every state but one…

Oh, that job was sweet….


****(Cut away to one boy saying)………”Except for when it wasn’t”


Saw a 6-car pileup

Off a California highway

Following  a “smokie”

On a super-foggy day


Partner Ralph found out

Just how dangerous it can get

In the foothills of Virginia

When bloodhounds aren’t pets.


In Biloxi, Mississippi

Grandpa stopped for shrimp ‘n grits

But his motel lost its roof

When the hurr-i-cane hit.


Rhody’s “Girl Truckers” proves

Men and women are the same

They should do the jobs they want to

Never ones based on their names.


Soon… Grandpa will tell

Of the time he got stuck

On a New York State highway

Two whole days in his truck


(One child says:  “They called it ‘Woodstock.’ “)


Then, there’s West Virginia

When he climbed that mountain road

In coal-mining region

With a full household load.


(Little girl says:  “To bring a little girl her toys.”)


His stories teach geography

In a way that’s really cool

They tell us other things, too…

Not always taught in school…


Grammy says they’re ‘wholesome’ (Other little boy shrugs “What’s that?”)

Their lessons are a must…

They’re all “Made in America”…(Pause)

In a way… they’re just like us.




“Like Us (Grandpa and the Truck)?”….Then “Like Us” Please…On Facebook


We attempt to build audience across America, and as a husband/wife trucker team, that’s not easy.  But I’m encouraged…

The e-mails sent, personally, touch me.  They’re from folks from all walks of life.  Just this past week, we were “Liked” on Facebook, by two Canadian drivers…Why?  Truckers everywhere share experiences that cross barriers and borders…

Last summer a woman wrote me about how very much she appreciated my putting a trucker’s stories to print…Her Dad was a long-haul trucker, many years ago, carrying wheat across the Plains states.

She wanted to share what her father did with her children–his grandchildren. Now, she could.

Then, there was the woman who was going to her family reunion in California (she lived in Texas.) While there, she planned on giving each of her siblings copies of the books, to give to their children.  She wanted to insure their Dad’s legacy.

A woman wrote me, saying “My son is 12 and he loves the big rigs, but I can’t find anything age-appropriate for him” (our stories are for the 4-8 age group, primarily.)  She asked my advice:  “Did I know any books she could get?”

I suggested she might want to try our Grandpa and the Truck books for him, anyway, and if they don’t fit, she could store them and give them away as gifts for little ones, in future.

I advised this because adults seem to enjoy our books, too.

You see, Grandpa and the Truck books are unique:  They’re the stories of hundreds of thousands of truckers worldwide and I know:  Their families, friends and all who love the big rigs will appreciate reading tales from one who drove millions of miles for 3 decades, moving households, against often-impossible odds.

Two books covering 4 specific exciting adventures (each book has two) are already available.

Now, we ask Trucker Nation and all others to “Like Us” on Facebook and get the word out to friends, family, and business associates.

If you’re a trucker, you deliver the goods across nations (and internationally.) Isn’t it only right you should deliver a message about books that sing the praises of truckers everywhere, while teaching little ones wholesome lessons of life?

Here’s the link (https://www.facebook.com/GrandpaAndTheTruck)… Now, please go there and “Like Us” (if you appreciate what we do) and help us get our message to all. 

Order our books, too, if you wish your kids and grandkids to learn what a trucker does (we’re the only ones writing these accounts)…..

Thank you and Enjoy….



Why Are Grandpa and the Truck Books Great Gifts? (6 Reasons)


Grandpa and the Truck Books Are ”Made in America” (that’s important to us.)

It’s Small Business Saturday and since Grandpa and the Truck’s a small business, I can unabashedly sell my products across the airwaves, without appearing ‘tacky’ on this day following Black Friday.

Unlike Black Friday, I won’t be killing you with constant reminders, extensions, etc. There won’t be other forms of killing, either…no pushing and pulling of hair…no stray bullets flying (it happens every year at those store events.)

So, here it is:  My one-time, official Small Business Saturday business ad as to why folks should want to buy the Grandpa and the Truck books:

1.  They make great gifts for Christmas, Hannukkah, birthdays (keep a stash for that inevitable gift for a little one you need in future.)

2.  Our books are “For Boys and Girls.”  We made them that way.  They’re colorful, with beautiful illustrations.

3.  If you buy the series (we’ve got two books available now,) your little ones learn geography:  The truck goes through a different state in each story; and because of that, children learn regional differences of our great land.  Book 1′s set in northern California, on a fog-bound highway, and in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia; Book 2′s action takes place in Biloxi, Mississippi (where a Cat. 5 hurricane hits) and in little Rhode Island, birthplace of two phenomenal women truckers.

Book 3 (in creation stage, available after January) sees our trucker traveling through farmlands of central New York (not NYC, the place most children associate with ”New York”) as he revisits the Woodstock Music Festival. In that same book, he’ll go on a hair-raising ride through coal-mining territory in West Virginia.

To this point, Books 1 and 2 are available (more info on each if you click ”Books” on our top banner.)

For these reasons, we call Grandpa and the Truck “a Mobile Geography Lesson.”

4.  Along with geography, we teach a whole lot more, as each story comes with Lesson as focus, Question page, Trucker Terms page (fun!) Maps.

5.  We’re endorsed by OOIDA (major international trucking association) and Women in Trucking (WIT), so industry leaders know we’re true to the trade and speak “Trucker truths.”

6.  Finally, too…we’re “Made in America,” important to us because we highlight what truckers do.  We didn’t outsource to a country who could make our books even less expensive than our current $9.99 for two beautifully-illustrated stories, with all the other ‘stuff” mentioned above.. We’ll only ever use American products and American shippers…

So, when you buy Grandpa and the Truck books, you’re “Buying American.”  That’s important to us, as we lend our  efforts to rebuild our great country.


Super Endorsement: When Friends Order Several

Oh, I LOVE being a businesswoman.  Especially yesterday.  That’s when our primary care physician ordered 12 of our Grandpa and the Truck books….signed, sealed, and delivered. And we can’t think of anything we’d rather do more….

He’s had copies of the books in his office now, for about a month.

As of Christmas, little ones in his family will have their own special copies.

And it’s a BIG family. He either told me his parents have 40 grandchildren or 400, but I obviously misunderstood that part.

No matter–we’re getting out there.

Now, his purchase has given me a great new idea:  I’m going to bring my books to pediatrician’s offices and see if there’s interest…They’re educational (I made them that way); they cover geography–as the truck covers America; they teach important life lessons.  Good reading material for those lengthy wait times in a packed pediatric office.

I can hear the chatter now.

In marketing, it’s all about the big picture, and I thank my primary care doctor, Dr. Chad Lamendola, for helping me see this one. If you’re a self-publishing, indie writer (like me), you have to see all the avenues for sale. If you don’t, someone else will, and you’ll be left in the dust.

No self-respecting big rig driver wants that!


I Heard Him Say “Breaker…Breaker…1…9…Do you copy?”


(Here are 2 of the 3 often wrestling with who’s going to drive the big rig.)

Then he followed it up with “I got a “smokie” on my tail…”  I could barely contain myself and stifled back the giggles.  Little Finn said this to no one in particular as he pushed the model big rig across the carpet.

In that few seconds, he confirmed what I know:  Little ones will love the Grandpa and the Truck stories.

The “he”?  Our littlest grandson who’s 4 and a half years old. Oh, he doesn’t know that’s his age.  He’s got 7-year-old brothers, and for that reason, he always joins them in their play –or tries to.

But he loves the big rigs, and he’s listened to our stories—attentively. That’s why, when I overheard him, all alone, on this recent visit, he convinced me of that fact.

You see, the family came to stay with us, when New Jersey got socked with Sandy.  My daughter’s family were without electricity, heat, and the means to cook their food. So, at my direction, she bundled the kids into the car and they came to us, in Rhode Island (her place of work was flooded, but her husband still had to go to his job during that time.)

 They stayed for 5 days.

As soon, as the kids entered our home, they went for the model big rig (one we use for presentations.) I knew they would:  It’s a pretty cool facsimile of the real deal; its’ fire-engine red; its doors open; they could see the interior where a trucker sleeps on long runs (in the sleeper area behind the front seats.)

And every day they fought over who’d be driving it, across the carpet.

But because he’s the most difficult to entertain (usually), the little one won. So, over the next 5 days, he pushed the big rig across the entire floor of our home, all the while, chatting to himself.

I was thrilled. Why?  I knew he’d absorbed the stories we’ve read to them. 

You see, the Grandpa and the Truck stories pack a lot into the pages: We include Lesson as focus: “It’s not always wise to follow the leader;” “don’t go into unfamiliar territory alone;” “boys and girls can do anything as careers, based on interests and abilities;” respect nature for it is powerful, indeed.”

They learn trucker jargon like “truckers use CB radios;” diesel is fuel for trucks; a “smokie” is a policeman.

Question pages accompany each story and maps give kids the all-important geography lesson we promise.

Plus, the illustrations are beautiful, indeed, the work of a professional artist.

Yep, we’re packed with useful information in a vehicle kids love:  Stories of the big rig and its driver, Grandpa as younger trucker, when he traveled across America.

He went through every state but one (and kids learn which one he didn’t go through and why.)

So, we invite you all to climb aboard, and soon you, too, will hear:  “Breaker…breaker…1…9,” as your little one mimics the language of a trucker.

We’re not ‘just for boys,’ either:  Book 2′s “Girl Truckers,” highlights two Rhode Island women who cracked the glass ceiling of the trucking industry, making the men sit up and notice. That story is paired with “Grandpa Meets the Hurricane” about this trucker’s staring down a Category 5 hurricane, in Biloxi, Mississippi, a storm that blew the roof clear off his motel. 

Book 1 and Book 2 are clearly described on the site, with instructions as to how to purchase.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey across America.

(Here’s what they can’t get enough of…the model big rig.  The Grandpa and the Truck stories bring a trucker’s life “home” to them.)