Rap Contest:  For All Little Ones

Attention Grandpa and the Truck Contestants:  Consider our contest like “the Voice”…Just for Little Ones

What am I talking about? Let’s see if your little ones have it?  “Talent,” I mean.

Grandpaandthetruck.com (the books’ website) is looking for little ones who’ll be the Face and Voice of a new Rap to go onto our website and across the YouTube Universe.

The rap, itself, is a kicky beat. We’re looking for two little boys and a little girl (Stage presence counts.) They don’t need memorize the entire rap…Maybe figure out a way to blend an older voice (parents’) rapping some lines, in background (but no pix of parents, please) and take pix of younger ones adding their special part. Add background music of your own making or tape background sound effects (but they CAN’T be recognizable from something already “out there.”)

What else are we looking for?  Interesting background—Like kids on the playground, riding equipment (but really, no bland, dirt shots, please.) Pull the camera in…pull it out…change the objects zoomed in on…

We at Grandpa and the Truck are looking for parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents to become mini-producers…You create your own YouTube video but singing our books’ praises.

What’ll we do for you?  Well, the winners get cool Grandpa and the Truck t-shirts (unless you’re the Duggar family of 19 kids!)

And you get to be on our website’s header…And on YouTube! 

Heck, maybe your kids will become famous!  Stranger things have happened.

So, here’s the Rap….Bring them to a park and with a gorgeous backdrop, begin the business of directing (they can be swinging from tree, hiding behind trees…whatever…just nothing dangerous, please.).  Assign them their parts, then play around with options…See what creative ideas you can come up with and send them to us: ckmellor@cox.net with YouTube “Gr and Truck” in subject line.  Parents will need sign off, too, before your little ones become famous. If you wish to know more about the books, click on the excerpts or better yet…order them from us here at our website. We personalize and autograph. Good Luck!

Now, here’s the Rap and here are the t-shirts (my grandsons are modeling them…But remember, a little girl needs to be in the Rap, reflective of the fact women drive the big rigs, too:boys


Rapping Script for Grandpa and the Truck:

Three little kids (2 boys…one girl), with crazy hats?, colorful sunglasses (on one?), leaning against trees in their backyard, or on a playground, rap to following: Kids should ham it up, putting on “surprise” face (“was surprised”) or making steering motions for line “That he manned the big rigs.” Add other effects, too..C’mon, YouTube filmmakers, put your directors’ hats on and let’s show the world what amateurs can come up with…..


Asked Grampy what he did

For his money-earning  gig

Was surprised when he told us

That he manned the big rigs.


In his truck, “Proud Mary”

Sitting high on his seat,

Went to every state but one…

Oh, that job was sweet….


****(Cut away to one boy saying)………”Except for when it wasn’t”


Saw a 6-car pileup

Off a California highway

Following  a “smokie”

On a super-foggy day


Partner Ralph found out

Just how dangerous it can get

In the foothills of Virginia

When bloodhounds aren’t pets.


In Biloxi, Mississippi

Grandpa stopped for shrimp ‘n grits

But his motel lost its roof

When the hurr-i-cane hit.


Rhody’s “Girl Truckers” proves

Men and women are the same

They should do the jobs they want to

Not those based on their names.


Soon… Grandpa will tell

Of the time he got stuck

On a New York State highway

Two whole days in his truck


(One child says:  “They called it ‘Woodstock.’ “)


Then, there’s West Virginia

When he climbed that mountain road

In coal-mining region

With a full household load.


(Little girl says:  “To bring a little girl her toys.”)


His stories teach geography

In a way that’s really cool

They tell us other things, too…

Not always taught in school…


Grammy says they’re ‘wholesome’ (Other little boy shrugs “What’s that?”)

Their lessons are a must…

They’re all “Made in America”…(Pause)

In a way… they’re just like us.