Grandpa and the Truck Wows at Tiverton Schools!

We Teach Geography…and a Whole Lot Moregr and truck kids enact geography


We Had a Brilliant Time! The kids at Walter Ranger School, in Tiverton were terrific. With fun sound effects and pictures capturing their attention, we brought our young audience across America, in the big rig. They asked lots of questions, too, of the trucker, like “Were you ever scared driving the big rig?” And “How much money does a big rig cost?” (answer $250-300,000).

They giggled at all the right places and swayed to our opening tune of “Nitro Express,” when a big rig hurtles down a mountain road, with its 18 wheels smoking, sparks flying all along, heading right for a little town in the valley. At the end, they helped act out our geography lesson pulling together our presentation that involved “How many miles are there from Boston, Ma. to San Francisco?” “How far out in the Pacific is little Hawaii?” “How many miles wide is little Rhode Island?” (37 miles), where kids in the car never really have to ask “Are we there yet?” (37 miles.) We loved it and they were a spectacular audience.

In the words of Principal Manuel Cabral: “I was very happy with the presentation of Grandpa and the Truck at Ranger School. The students were super-attentive and involved… kept on track and involved for the entire time and for that to happen in a space of 30 minutes with kindergarten,1st and 2nd grade students is a real testament to the program…I was really impressed with the presentation.gr and truck--quests from little onesgr and truck--things truckers fear most--ranger


“Grandpa and the Truck” Going to 2 Big Audiences in Tiverton, RI

Our flyer announcing our first BIG show….

“Grandpa and the Truck” coming to Walter E. Ranger and Ft. Barton schools May 13, 2015.cab and trucker

Named to Atlas Van Lines’s “Elite Fleet” (of drivers,) “Gator” drove millions of miles, flawlessly, across America in the big rig.

Now, he tells his exciting adventures to student audiences, focusing on the men and women who drive these big metal beasts….their challenges…natures’ role (hurricanes, fog, ice) and the beauty and diversity of our great land.

“Grandpa and the Truck’s” trucker and 30-year retired teacher, Providence Journal Op-Ed writer, Colleen Kelly Mellor (trucker’s wife and author) bring their lively show to Tiverton little ones.

Signed and personalized books may be ordered right here, on this website






We Were a Smash Hit at the Authors’ Expo


This past Saturday was our first appearance at RI Authors’ Expo…We are the first to produce the Grandpa and the Truck books (for kids 4-9), about husband’s 30-year big rig career, transporting household goods all over America. OOIDA has named us “Cool Gifts for Kids” and Women in Trucking endorses us, too. And now, schools are inviting us in, since we’re the perfect vehicle to teach geography, nature, science, math, and important life lessons.  They love the fact, too, that we meet  Common Core standards.

This is our first entry into the book fair circuit but we’ve got lots more appearances on tap. We’re especially thrilled with the schools who are signing up to test-drive our books.

Our books are perfect as gifts for the countless children’s birthdays folks need a present for…Christmas…Channukah…kwanza.

If you’re a trucker, why not give a gift that tells others the important job you do, in moving ALL of America’s products? So far, no one’s done that. We aim to change that.

If you’re a trucker’s family, you’ll love the fact we recognize truckers as True American Folk-Heroes.

If you buy our books for a child, tell us how to personalize and we’ll autograph (how cool is that?) Then the books become a rare, individualized gift for a child, instead of a store-bought, everyday item…

Finally, your purchase will enable us to continue telling a trucker’s tales to our biggest fan base (kids), so truckers can finally get the recognition they so richly deserve.

Pay buttons are above….and “Thank you.”


Grandpa and the Truck Rap…..

 boysThree little kids (2 boys…one girl), with crazy hats?, colorful sunglasses (on one?), leaning against trees in their backyard, or on a playground, rap to following: They ham it up, putting on “surprise” face (“was surprised”) or make steering motions for line “That he manned the big rigs.” Imagine their other effects, too, as they rap to the following…..


Asked Grampy what he did

For his money-earning  gig

Was surprised when he told us

That he manned the big rigs.


In his truck, “Proud Mary”

Sitting high on his seat,

Went to every state but one…

Oh, that job was sweet….


****(Cut away to one boy saying)………”Except for when it wasn’t”


Saw a 6-car pileup

Off a California highway

Following  a “smokie”

On a super-foggy day


Partner Ralph found out

Just how dangerous it can get

In the foothills of Virginia

When bloodhounds aren’t pets.


In Biloxi, Mississippi

Grandpa stopped for shrimp ‘n grits

But his motel lost its roof

When the hurr-i-cane hit.


Rhody’s “Girl Truckers” proves

Men and women are the same

They should do the jobs they want to

Never ones based on their names.


Soon… Grandpa will tell

Of the time he got stuck

On a New York State highway

Two whole days in his truck


(One child says:  “They called it ‘Woodstock.’ “)


Then, there’s West Virginia

When he climbed that mountain road

In coal-mining region

With a full household load.


(Little girl says:  “To bring a little girl her toys.”)


His stories teach geography

In a way that’s really cool

They tell us other things, too…

Not always taught in school…


Grammy says they’re ‘wholesome’ (Other little boy shrugs “What’s that?”)

Their lessons are a must…

They’re all “Made in America”…(Pause)

In a way… they’re just like us.




“Like Us (Grandpa and the Truck)?”….Then “Like Us” Please…On Facebook


We attempt to build audience across America, and as a husband/wife trucker team, that’s not easy.  But I’m encouraged…

The e-mails sent, personally, touch me.  They’re from folks from all walks of life.  Just this past week, we were “Liked” on Facebook, by two Canadian drivers…Why?  Truckers everywhere share experiences that cross barriers and borders…

Last summer a woman wrote me about how very much she appreciated my putting a trucker’s stories to print…Her Dad was a long-haul trucker, many years ago, carrying wheat across the Plains states.

She wanted to share what her father did with her children–his grandchildren. Now, she could.

Then, there was the woman who was going to her family reunion in California (she lived in Texas.) While there, she planned on giving each of her siblings copies of the books, to give to their children.  She wanted to insure their Dad’s legacy.

A woman wrote me, saying “My son is 12 and he loves the big rigs, but I can’t find anything age-appropriate for him” (our stories are for the 4-8 age group, primarily.)  She asked my advice:  “Did I know any books she could get?”

I suggested she might want to try our Grandpa and the Truck books for him, anyway, and if they don’t fit, she could store them and give them away as gifts for little ones, in future.

I advised this because adults seem to enjoy our books, too.

You see, Grandpa and the Truck books are unique:  They’re the stories of hundreds of thousands of truckers worldwide and I know:  Their families, friends and all who love the big rigs will appreciate reading tales from one who drove millions of miles for 3 decades, moving households, against often-impossible odds.

Two books covering 4 specific exciting adventures (each book has two) are already available.

Now, we ask Trucker Nation and all others to “Like Us” on Facebook and get the word out to friends, family, and business associates.

If you’re a trucker, you deliver the goods across nations (and internationally.) Isn’t it only right you should deliver a message about books that sing the praises of truckers everywhere, while teaching little ones wholesome lessons of life?

Here’s the link (https://www.facebook.com/GrandpaAndTheTruck)… Now, please go there and “Like Us” (if you appreciate what we do) and help us get our message to all. 

Order our books, too, if you wish your kids and grandkids to learn what a trucker does (we’re the only ones writing these accounts)…..

Thank you and Enjoy….